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I get the message: “[fgj2wp] Couldn’t connect to the Joomla database. Please check your parameters. And be sure the WordPress server can access the Joomla database. SQLSTATE[28000] [1045] Access denied for user ‘xxx’@’localhost’ (using password: YES)”
Last Updated 8 years ago

  • First verify your login and password to your Joomla database.
  • If Joomla and WordPress are not installed on the same host:
    • If you use CPanel on the Joomla server, a solution is to allow a remote MySQL connection.
      • go into the Cpanel of the Joomla server
      • go down to Database section and click "Remote MySQL"
      • There you can add an access host (WordPress host). Enter the access host as the SOME-WEBSITE-DOMAIN-OR-IP-ADDRESS and click add host.
    • Another solution is to copy the Joomla database on the WordPress database:
      • export the Joomla database to a SQL file (with phpMyAdmin for example)
      • import this SQL file on the same database as WordPress
      • run the migration by using WordPress database credentials (host, user, password, database) instead of the Joomla ones in the plugin settings.

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