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How to run the import on my local computer?
Last Updated 8 years ago

The benefit of running the import on your local computer is that you are not dependent on the limitations of the online server (memory, CPU).

To run the import in local, you must:

  1. Install WampServer (on Windows) or MAMP (on Mac) on your local computer. See one of this good tutorial: (WampServer) (MAMP)
  2. Copy the database of the original site into your local database. You can do this step with phpMyAdmin: do an Export from the online phpMyAdmin, then do an Import on your local phpMyAdmin
  3. Install WordPress in local
  4. Install and run the plugin in local. Please note that the URL field must still contain the URL of the live original site. This field is used to transfer the images.
  5. Once the WordPress site is ready, move it online. See this tutorial:

To speed up the import in local, you can do:

1. Run WordPress directly from not http://localhost that will avoid DNS lookups
2. Clear access and error logs of apache. Huge log files aren't helping when writing to them...
3. Temporary turn off the antivirus
4. Set the httpd.exe to high priority from task manager in Windows
5. Disable the MySQL Binlogs: log-bin=mysql-bin and binlog_format=mixed options of MySQL (my.ini file) The Binlogs produce huge binary files (1GB each) and after a while performance drops dramatically.
After all that the process will be 2-3x times faster.

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