Virtuemart Product Options add-on

WooCommerce Product add-ons


The Virtuemart attributes are normally imported as product variations into WooCommerce.
But if you have a big number of variations per product ( > 1000), WooCommerce won’t be able to manage these variations.

The solution is to use the WooCommerce Product Add-Ons plugin. This add-on adds the same behavior as the variations in WooCommerce (called product add-ons) and is able to manage many thousands of add-ons values.

To import the attributes as product add-ons, you need the Virtuemart Product Options module.


The Virtuemart Product Options add-on migrates:

  • the Virtuemart attributes as product add-ons


This add-on requires the main plugin FG Joomla to WooCommerce Premium.

It also requires the Virtuemart module.

It also requires the paid WooCommerce Product Add-Ons plugin.

Product Options Change log


New: Add the hook “fgj2wp_vm_get_product_custom_field_name”
New: Compatible with VM Custom Fields for All
Tested with WordPress 6.2


New: Compatibility with PHP 8.2
Fixed: Option price was wrong when importing the prices with tax
Tested with WordPress 6.1


New: Compatibility with Virtuemart 2 on Joomla 3.1
Tested with WordPress 5.4


Initial version