Privacy policy

Our company is aware and very respectful of the confidentiality of personal data. We have been trained to the GDPR principles that take place worldwide from 2018, May 25. These principles that raise the confidentiality of personal data at a very high level are applied not only for our European customers but for all of them.

What kind of data do we get?

Cookies are stored to get statistics on our web site and to be able for the customers to use the shopping cart.

During the checkout, we get these data about our customers:

  • Email address
  • First and last name
  • Billing address (street, city, postal code, country, state)
  • IP address
  • Purchased software
  • Date of purchase
  • Log of downloaded files (software, IP address, date)

For the companies, we also get:

  • Company name
  • VAT number

We don’t get any credit card number ; the bank data are managed by Paypal and by Stripe and are not stored in our database.

Why do we get those data?

These data are used for accountant reasons (invoices), to get proofs of purchase, and for after sale support.

The company name and VAT number are used to exclude the VAT for the European companies (except France) according to the EU VAT rules.

These data are used only by Frederic company. They are not used outside the company.

How long do we keep those data?

The data related to the customers are kept 10 years according to the French legal retention period (cf

The databases that our customers send to us to reproduce and solve their problems are deleted once their problems are solved with a maximum retention period of 15 days.

The security measures we have put in place

The web site is available only in https, encrypted with the SSL technology.

The data are stored in a database protected by a login and a strong password.

Backups are made daily on a storage protected by a login and a strong password.

Your rights about your personal data

To keep the transparency about your own personal data, you have the rights to:

  • review your personal data
  • update them
  • delete them

To exercise this rights, please write an email to support AT fredericgilles DOT net.