If you use our plugin to migrate from Drupal to WordPress, you may notice that most of your content is migrated as custom post types. This may raise the question on how to convert custom post types to normal WordPress posts.

In this tutorial you will learn how to do this with the help of the plugin Post Type Switcher. The same method can be used to convert Pages to posts.

Converting a custom post type to the WordPress “Post” post type

To convert a custom post type to the standard WordPress “Post” post type as we mentioned before, we will use a plugin named Post Type Switcher. You can do this in the steps bellow:

Step 1: Installing the plugin

First go to your plugins and click “add new”.

adding a new plugin

There you can search the term “post type switcher” and click the “Install Now” button at the Post Type Switcher plugin.

Install Post Type Switcher to convert custom post types

Wait for the “Installing” to finish and after that click the button “Activate”.

Step 2: Setting up your WordPress for bulk editing

To bulk convert your post types first you will need to make WordPress display more posts.

First find the post type you want to convert and click on it. In our example the post type is named “Drupal Post type”.

convert custom post types

Then check at the top right corner of your WordPress. There is a text button “Screen options”

screen options

To expand the options just click on it.

Between the various settings there is a “Number of items per page:” box with the default value of 20.

What you will need to do, is to change this to 200 or more and then click “Apply”.

items per page setting

The value of this setting represents how many post types your server can handle changing, in one click. Unfortunately, we cannot know the number suitable for you since many factors play their role to this.

Your server can work with thousands of posts at the same but it can get congested with only a few hundred. 200 is a safe value but if you are comfortable with your server you can raise it.

Step 3: Bulk change the post types

After clicking apply, click the top left box to select all the posts on this page:

selecting post types

Then click “Bulk Actions” and choose “Edit”


After that, click “Apply”

A new box will “Drop down” with various options.

Next, click the “No Change” text beside the “Post Type” text and then choose the “Post” option

convert drupal custom post types to wordpress post

Finally, click “Update”

migrate drupal post type to wordpress

Wait for the process to finish.

You may have to repeat this step until all the posts have moved.


Congratulations, you have moved the Drupal custom post types to WordPress “Post” post type.

If you are looking for to convert a custom field to the body content of a post check our other tutorial here!