You can now purchase our plugins with crypto-currencies. For now, we are accepting bitcoin (BTC) and ether (ETH).

It is very easy and very fast to pay with crypto-currencies.
First select the Cryptocurrency payment method.
Choose crypto-currency payment gatewayEnter your personal data.
Then choose the crypto-currency you want to use (Bitcoin or Ethereum).


Click on “Purchase”.

On the Thank You page, you can see the amount converted in the crypto-currency you have chosen and the address you must send the payment to.
Thank you page crypto

You can now pay from your wallet, either by:

  • copy/pasting the amount and the address to your wallet
  • or by scanning the QR code if your wallet is on your smartphone (Opera Mobile, Firefox Mobile with Metamask, Cipher, …)
  • or by clicking on the Metamask logo if you use Metamask

Metamask is a plugin for Chrome, Firefox and Opera and is included in the Brave browser. Metamask is the software to manage your crypto-wallet and sign your transactions.

The transactions in crypto-currency are very fast (from a few seconds to a few minutes).
Once your payment is done and validated, you will receive the download link by email.

I don’t have a crypto-wallet yet

If you want to pay by crypto-currency but don’t own a crypto-wallet yet, we advise that you create your wallet on the Coinbase platform.
On Coinbase, you will be able to buy some bitcoin or ether with your current currency ($, €, £, 円, 圓, ₩, …)
With the following affiliate link, you will get $10 free in bitcoin.

Paying in crypto-currency is the fastest and most secure way to do payments nowadays.

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