What is drop shipping?

Drop ship model

The principle of drop shipping is to allow on your WordPress store the sale of products physically located on a supplier site (drop shipper).
The supplier products are displayed on your site (using WooCommerce for example). You can define your own prices.

  1. The customers purchase the products on your site.
  2. You forward the orders to your supplier.
  3. The supplier ships the products directly to the customer.

What are the benefits of drop shipping?

The main benefit is that you don’t need any stock. The stock is managed by your supplier.
You always sell the products that are in your supplier’s stock.

The other big benefit is that you first sell the products, then you pay your supplier. So your cash flow is always positive.

What do I need to make drop shipping?

First, you need to find a supplier that allows drop shipping.

Then you must create a web site with WordPress and WooCommerce.

Then, you must synchronize your store products and stocks with your supplier ones.
If your supplier runs a PrestaShop site, you can make drop shipping from PrestaShop to WordPress.
If your supplier runs a Magento site, you can make drop shipping from Magento to WordPress.

Lastly, you must pay your supplier and forward him the orders passed on your site. This procedure depends on your supplier.